llgal - Command-line online gallery generator

llgal is an easy and fast on-line gallery generator based on iGal. Its primary goal is to NOT require any boring useless expensive feature in your webserver, such as PHP, JavaScript, SQL, ... Thus, llgal generates static web-pages.




llgal supports all igal options and also add a few interesting features:



Please report any bug or wish as an issue or by mail to llgal AT googlegroups.com.

How-to upgrade from igal?

Upgrading an igal gallery to llgal is basically really easy since the interface is almost the same. All details are given by the upgrade page. This file is provided in the llgal tarball since release 0.10.1.

Contribute to llgal?

The main contributor of llgal is Brice Goglin. If you want to help, feel free to contact llgal mailing list.

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Contact the llgal mailing list.
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